Dress Code


Pre-Ballet through Ballet 7 and Pointe and Variations have specific leotard colors with studio assigned tights and ballet shoes. Hair is to be neatly secured away from the face in a bun. No extraneous clothing is allowed.

Modern, Jazz & Styles Classes

For Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Progressing Ballet Technique and Adult classes, we prefer solid colored leotards with tan or black tights/leggings. Hair should be secured away from the face. Street clothes should not be worn as dancewear.


  • CDWInc. dress code apparel may be purchased at Dorothy's Dance Shop. They have the full list of approved class wear.
  • Dress codes are used to maintain a sense of order in the classroom. We ask that you abide by the provided dress code guidelines.
  • Cover-ups (tops and bottoms) are required for all students entering and exiting the studio.
  • Ballet and Pointe shoes must have neatly sewn elastics and ribbons.
  • Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside of the studio. Dirt and oil from the parking lot can damage the studio dance floors.
  • Please remove all non-essential jewelry prior to taking class. Emergency bracelets/necklaces and small earrings are acceptable.
  • Wearing perfume and scented lotions is prohibited for the safety of our students and faculty with allergies.
  • Please reserve dance clothes for dance and street clothes for outside of the studio.